Big Things are Happening on this Little Karoo Olive Farm

It's a new year and change is afoot at Mont Rouge Olive Estate. We're thrilled to be able to share with you some progress on the build of our factory which will allow us to substantially reduce the carbon footprint of our efforts, with olive oil pressing no longer needing to be out-sourced. From March we begin pressing right here on the farm, a huge leap in keeping things green and creating jobs for the local community. We're up at sunrise and crashing into bed at the moment; we've poured 7000 square meters of concrete and are busy finalising internal walls and fittings in anticipation of our state-of-the-art centrifuge (press) which arrives on 27 February. We start installation on 1 March and the farm is abuzz with excitement. Even the olives have little smiles on their faces. We plan on starting pressing oil in the third week of March which coincides with this year's harvest. 

We're looking forward to sharing our progress and delicious farm-pressed oil with you. 

The Mont Rouge Olives Team